"Prayer" 70x50
"Prayer" 70x50

"Prayer" 70x50

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”She wore her hope like a crown, an outspoken solioquy of dreams” – Ariana

Who said the age of miracles has passed? Look inside yourself and choose the path to follow. When a true warrior ventures on a journey, the miracle walks alongside and inside. We never stop believing.

"Don’t be Like the Rest of Them Darling" is a new LW photo art series that celebrate people who dare to be different. In our eyes such souls are true warriors and here we meet them and their characters – imaginary and real. Interpreted by Hasselblad master winning cinematographer Roy Rossovich.

Printed on tyvek which is a modern material with a bit of both - sheen and sturdiness. It´s a synthetic material of high density and high-gloss, very strong, thin and water resistant.  The poster is embossed with a stamp to guarantee authenticity. 

Dimensions: H 70 cm x W 50 cm


Photo art of Love Warriors