Jar Rock
Jar Rock
Jar Rock
Jar Rock
Jar Rock

Jar Rock

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Indoor pot from MUUBS handmade in terracotta.

All the jars have a unique color and surface created by craftsmen in Indonesia.

The pottery jar has an authentic vintage black color and a structured surface created by a special craft technique. Firstly, brown and black paint is applied, which is gently burned with a gas flame. The surface is sanded and finally applied a coating that creates the final structure and color.

The jars can be used both for your house plants, a beautiful bouquet or fresh branches from the garden. Please note that the jar is not waterproof.

size M - H: 35 cm Ø: 35 cm
size L - H: 45 cm Ø: 45 cm

Material: terracotta

Color: vintage black


Käsitsi valmistatud vaas terrakota savist.

Sobib nii toataimedele, okstele, kõrrelistele kui lõikelilledele, kuid vajab vee jaoks sisse teist anumat (ei ole 100% veekindel).

Saadaval kahes erinevas suuruses:
M - H: 35 cm Ø: 35 cm
L - H: 45 cm Ø: 45 cm

Igal vaasil on natukene erinev struktuur ning värvus.