Bowl Devil
Bowl Devil
Bowl Devil

Bowl Devil

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The black or natural devil bowl by Muubs will serve as a unique, decorative bowl that with the combination of the rustic teak root and the slim legs expresses nature's beautiful, perfect imperfections. By elevating the bowl on the delicate teak legs, gives the large bowl a powerful expression and will make it center of attention on the kitchen table.

Dimensions: H: 25 cm, Ø: 25 cm

Material: Teak root

Colour: Black or natural

Surface: Blackburned


 Must või naturaalset tooni tiigipuu juurest kuradikauss on tähelepanuväärne sisustuselement.

Mõõdud: H: 25 cm, Ø: 25 cm

Materjal: Tiigipuu juur

Värv: Must või looduslik

Pind: Põletatud