Why do we call it "scandi boho"?

Style genre called scandi boho is a bohemian style in Scandinavian way. It's a scaled-back and insanely stylish version of the free-spirited aesthetic set within the confines of a clutter-free zone. 

Whether you're a sworn maximalist or a devoted minimalist, the Scandinavian-bohemian combo is a fashionable fusion of both. Two opposing styles to create a harmonious blend (if done right). 

Scandi-boho home has very simple colors and modern furnishings, but with a little extra liveliness thanks to plants and some good clutter. These aren't just simply piled together randomly; their placement is carefully considered, edited, and finely tuned within a theme that's often color-coordinated.  

To get this unique look right, you need to ensure the carefully edited and clean Scandinavian design thread runs through each room. Think found objects and sentimental treasures expertly layered within a white room with an organized vibe.

Mixing together very different styles can have unexpectedly delightful  results. 

Bohemian homes can be styled in many different ways. There is modern bohemian, colorful bohemian and that Scandinavian bohemian. Scandinavian homes usually have a light base with natural materials.  Often there´s this Nordic base complemented with ethnic influences and plants to give the home a bohemian vibe. If you don’t like extreme colors but you do like a bohemian style then this is the way to decorate your home.

Ethno and Boho style items have the amazing power of energizing your whole room and bringing warmth and emotion into a white- or neutral-toned environment.

Unity with nature – thats what Nordic interiors are all about, so don´t ruin the look with cheap details and synthetic textiles.

scandi boho meaningPhotos: @Pinterest




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