Our NEW studio and how we did it.

We are very excited to be in our new studio! It’s the same building where we were earlier but on a higher floor. Besides being on a top floor, we can actually see the front of the house and clients coming in. Also we have lots of light 'cause all the big trees are on the other side of the building.

We decided to start from the scratch. The biggest problem was the floor. It wasn’t straight and it had an ugly linoleum on it. We dreamed of a white wood flooring but it would be too expensive to have placed. We are on a rental room after all. An easier and cheaper way was a new slick concrete floor. Having a straight floor, it needed to dry out before we could paint it. We kept the windows and doors open for a few days but after coming in on Monday, the humidity had done quite bad damage to the walls and ceiling. The paint was literally hanging.

What a bummer! Guess how we felt?! Now we needed to find someone to fix it. Quick. 

After a few days it all started to come together. Some dude fixed the worst and we went to a construction store and bought the whole painting equipment that we could do the rest of the job ourselves. The white part. We painted the walls and the floor. A total girl power :)

We dreamed of a white on white studio and we got it! And due to the problems we had to face throughout the process, we appreciate and love the studio even more now :) It's really hard to leave it each day :)

You are very welcome to visit us, just give us a call ;)